Mini NLD-Related Glossary

Since one of my goals is to raise awareness of NLD, here’s a bit of a glossary (these are just my definitions):

Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD): a specific learning disability that impacts visual-spatial processing

Visual-spatial: mostly right-brain activities like reading facial expressions and judging distances

Social comprehension: how someone reads and responds to cues in an interpersonal setting

Nonverbal: visual stimuli not involving words, such as gestures, objects in space, and visual recall

Dyssemia: condition where someone struggles with nonverbal communication

Asperger syndrome (AS): often confused with NLD; AS individuals tend to involve themselves less in social issues, have a greater degree of obsessiveness, and may have pronounced strengths for particularities of how things/systems (et cetera) work

High-functioning Autism (HFA): also not NLD; HFA individuals sometimes struggle with language use and may have great strengths for visual acuity

Neurotypical: when someone has a relatively average ability to use language, respond to social cues, et cetera

Gross motor skills: one’s ability to do things like walk, run, and have normal posture

Fine motor skills: one’s ability to do things like type, hand-write, and play a musical instrument

Rote memory: when someone recalls something they memorized

Dyspraxia: difficulty with a system of kinetic movements such as speech, feeding, timing, balance, and spatial awareness

Overstimulation: when a sensory experience is too overwhelming for a person (examples abound)

Two active online NLD resources:


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