NLD Has Variations . . .

I want to point out something early on: one person’s NLD truths will be different from someone else’s. For instance, some people with NLD are very talented at learning foreign languages. Others are moderately good, and some really struggle. I was one of the people who struggled. In college, I was granted a partial waiver of advanced courses. I didn’t study languages early on, so I’ll never know what effect this may have had on my learning difficulties. (Instead, I studied music. Some would say music is a language.)

I found the language lab environment very challenging. It is tough enough in my own language to pick up on some of the social cues. I think cognates allowed me to do OK in my courses, but I always worried that I wasn’t picking up the skills fast enough, or with enough efficiency. I know people with NLD who enjoy learning new languages and take them for many years. Other people study selective portions of a language (i.e., someone might seek tutoring to help prepare for a religious observance that requires foreign language comprehension).

So if a skill is a struggle, know that you’re not alone, and if it isn’t a struggle, that’s good. We with NLD must work to compensate for our weaknesses and empower our strengths. Too often, only the weakness points get attention, and this is wrong. Strengths allow us to help ourselves in the most productive ways. More later.


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