Sample Work/School Letter

Here’s a template for an “introducing myself as a person with NLD” note. Feel free to use.

Dear __________,
I am writing to confirm our meeting on ___. I also want to go over some features of my learning disability before we meet.

I have a “visual-spatial and social-comprehension” learning disability, known as Nonverbal Learning Disorder. This means I often have a less-fluid presentation, sometimes do not make much eye contact, and have a “distressed-looking,” somewhat “out-of-sync” outward appearance. My speech prosody also has some unusual cadences (i.e., a “halting quality”). I am aware of all these things even if I don’t directly acknowledge them.

Because NLD causes me to do things a bit differently, it is sometimes necessary to craft alternative sets of achievement goals.

Due to NLD, ____________ (list examples of work/school requirements that you feel anxious about) are generally areas of weakness, but ____________ (outline your talents; don’t be modest) are all strengths. My past supervisors and I had great success focusing on ____________. ADD MORE DETAILS AS NEEDED . . .

Thank you in advance for your time and attention. I look forward to meeting with you.



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