The NLD Work or School Scene: Ongoing Stressors

Today I worked on a semi-new game plan, writing NLD-education notes to people I will work or study with. Really, “before-you-meet-me” notes. I briefly define NLD, discuss my strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to the situation, and outline things that have worked well in the past. I also warn that my outward appearance is a little different and that sometimes it’s necessary for evaluators to construct alternative goal plans. I hate asking for accommodations. I never know how much LD experience someone has, or their opinions. I went to a very large university where I was largely invisible. I could go through much of my day without stark NLD moments. But at this large school, I also didn’t get much practice explaining my NLD issues. Right now I feel drained. It took me forever to edit my email to my possible new supervisor. And it’s exhausting when I think about my outward appearance, how my face is sometimes very still, and my posture constricted. I’m slowly teaching myself to smile more, but it’s so much work.


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