So Happy

My future profession is very disability-sensitive. I met with some of my future classmates and professors yesterday. I was definitely not the only person there with noticable signs of a learning disability. And someone told me her adult child has disability issues. I am very relieved, having had so many awful experiences in the past.

For instance, I often walk past a school where one of my old gym teachers still works. She’s really cool, very Pat Summitt and super-tough. Still, when I walk past, I remember that in grade school, I tripped over track hurdles three times. All those years ago, this gym teacher reminded me: when you fall off your bike, you just get on it again. I agree for the most part. But I also think it’s important to be selective about the types of exercise you participate in when you have NLD. What one excels at will vary. Some possibilities:

-In-line skating
-Long-distance walking (maybe running, if inclined)
-Cross-country skiing

Some sports are risky for NLD kids, though, like the more challenging activities. Exercise is a wonderful way of life if the participant does things they’re accustomed to.

I sometimes wish I’d played team sports, especially when I walk past a game and see what a great social-learning experience it can be. I was way too un-coordinated for most sports, though. I tripped over soccer balls, flunked life-guarding, simply could not ski down a hill, was predisposed to crashing sleds, reached an ice-skating plateau, once biked into a fallen tree trunk, and struggled with contact sports because of my spatial issues (i.e., I’d never be good at basketball, since you need to surround someone or be surrounded).

I grew up in a very sports-savvy family and community, where many people assumed I just didn’t like to exercise, which is untrue. Once I found my favorite forms of exercise (after many years of painful trial and error), things improved. Now I walk religiously and am addicted, but it’s usually an awesome time. I find it very helpful to never wear uncomfortable shoes, because I don’t drive and never know when I’ll need to walk somewhere. More later.


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