Rules: Central

Here’s how I’d explain NLD if I could only use one example. My junior high gym class one year required us to write reports on every major sport. Even though I’m much too uncoordinated to play competitively, then and now, I attach myself to the rules. I like seeing the results of calls, and the fact that one box can have such defined issues. We all have to play social games all the time. An NLD-affected person’s game will be different (pick other adjectives). Namely, someone with NLD isn’t going to sell themselves perfectly, or even convincingly, in settings like an interview. The more people can make situations about rules, the better adjusted a person with NLD will be. And the practice will make him/her more likely to clarify nonverbal things they may be unsure of. Encourage people with NLD to ask questions, and give them the option of asking questions they think of later.


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