On Not Driving

I live in a area where most people drive.  I can’t drive, not just from NLD, but from the anxiety it creates.  I took driver’s ed as a teenager and failed my road test twice.  The idea of expanding my spatial reality to the size of a vehicle is too overwhelming.  The decision not to drive is thus a good one.  NLD makes it harder to manage time, and not driving throws in an extra complication.  Not driving helps me live very close to the earth, and I see new things on each walk.  Still, I wish there was a surgery that could correct visual-spatial processing.  I’ll return to this discussion.


2 Responses to “On Not Driving”

  1. Whitney Says:

    I have this same issue. My visual-spacial processing is horrible. I get anxious just thinking about driving. I do not drive either.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      More power to you! I totally agree. I’ll try and write about this issue again soon. Not driving is such a natural thing, and it’s so relaxing, in general, for me to use public transportation.

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