NLD and Weather

Don’t know if this is truly an NLD symptom or not, but I rarely check the weather.  I just figure it will be the temperature it will be.  Where I live, it’s wise to bring a light coat or long-sleeved shirt, even in summer.  If I look at a week of weather, I forget what the weather pictures look like.  I think about weather in a very short-term way, and because I don’t drive, live very close to the earth.

Though I’m outside a fair amount each day, I relate to the natural world urban style.  That is, as a kid, I would not have been happy at an outdoor camp.  Some with NLD love the rugged outdoors, and may develop counselor careers or go into naturalist fields.  I don’t like getting too lost, and many times leadership training activities are too overwhelming (to me) to develop those skills.  I personally would rather just see the calming effects of nature.  I learn from the water; it looks different each day, and you can’t see the land on the other side.  In contrast to the “people with NLD have trouble identifying themes” theory, I see many chances to successfully parse gist-level insights.  Literary symbols are not lost on me, or others with NLD I’ve known.  The ocean is a symbol of many things, such as things that can’t be controlled.  NLD is a wild LD, and I want everyone reading this to know it can be dealt with in good ways.  It does take time.


2 Responses to “NLD and Weather”

  1. terri Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I like your blog as well. Interesting perspectives.

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