First Grade

Use child’s strong verbal skills to help them with moral development. Just because a concept is verbal does not mean it is restricted to literal realms. With NLD, the trick is using verbal explanations to translate visual-spatial messages.

Have regular rules and stick to them. Talk about the rules with child and explain that the rules change based on the situation. Help child learn exceptions to rules. Give child opportunities to display his/her knowledge and reward child for what he/she has learned.

Do regular individual activities with NLD kid. Develop variety of hobbies and stick with the ones NLD kid likes most (i.e., 1-2 arts activities; 1-2 sports; does not have to be group, but if it’s not, supplement individual activities with play time in a group setting). Don’t get frustrated if NLD kid takes longer to learn how to ride a bike and do similar activities. These things are understandably difficult.

Teach handwriting, but also encourage child to learn how to type as early as possible. Use products like AlphaSmart; don’t allow computer addictions and limit internet exposure (it can be dangerous; the internet was mostly designed for adults and kids with NLD have trouble with social comprehension, so try and stick with non-computer activities and typing for homework; limit internet use to when kid is around parents and getting help with school research from teacher or librarian).


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