Five Years

Encourage child’s use of “I statements” and complete sentences. Teach child to be a socially appropriate, verbal advocate for themselves in school. Know NLD child will have trouble with changes and transitions. Help prepare child for these adjustments. Help child learn not to interrupt, but don’t get angry if they accidentally do. Timing is very hard for people with NLD, even when we try our hardest to compensate.

NLD child will likely have trouble using scissors and cutting things out. Be prepared for this and help them learn in comfortable ways (i.e., by cutting out something that already has holes punched in it; having child cut out large things rather than small, et cetera). Help child use words to describe objects. Make sure to help child learn different things about an object, rather than repetitively discussing same things over and over—build. Enjoy reading stories together.

Reduce anxiety as much as possible. Get feedback from your child about situations that cause him/her anxiety and make plans for how to help. Use storytelling to teach skills. Have child describe what he/she did at kindergarten and ask questions. Use games to teach social skills; use rules to explain visual-spatial concepts.


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