Four Months

Pre-NLD infants will likely enjoy being read to and listening to music, again low-volume. It’s very important to arrange for play dates and other social settings that keep the infant in regular contact with similar-aged babies. The pre-NLD infant will enjoy his/her routine as much, and probably more, than babies without visual-spatial learning issues. It’s likely a good idea to do activities that promote manual dexterity, such as playing with clay. Fine motor skills can be a life-saver for people with NLD. Infants may enjoy pets, such as dogs or cats, and should be introduced to animals as much as possible. If they have allergies, they can still enjoy non-furry creatures.

Pre-NLD infants and children may have an affinity for rice and (for reasons still being studied) white foods. It’s very possible that a pre-NLD infant will have more difficulty learning to swallow. It’s a good idea for parents and caregivers to be vigilant, perhaps beyond the risk ages, about preventing choking. Verbally teach pre-NLD infant “self-soothing” techniques. Talk through new situations before and during, but not an an insulting way.


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