Later Elementary Years

Boundaries and social skills become super-important. If you haven’t already done so, find support networks for parents of NLD kids, and try to meet with them if possible. If your kid is a boy, find at least one other parent of a boy the same age; same thing for a girl.

Make sure your child has at least one mentor, someone your family knows and trusts. Listen to child if he/she is anxious about a person, and protect them if necessary. Teach child it’s OK to have time alone. Teach child they must talk to an adult if they feel overwhelmed, and to ask trusted adults tough questions. Realize child may not be comfortable talking directly with parents about issues relating to sexuality.

Since this blog is mostly about the young adult years, I will undoubtedly return to discussions of young adult issues in other entries. This list makes it look like I skipped middle, high school, college, and post-college, but I didn’t. These are discussions for future and prior entries. I will not skip over them.


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