NLD and Child Development

NLD changes how a person develops. Because it has not been done much or enough, I am going to walk through basic life stages and relate them to living with NLD. This discussion is not conclusive. Please note that I do not have a professional background in development, medicine or related fields. I’m just making subjective guesses and documenting things that were/are true for me.

Nothing on here is medical advice; these are just my notes that I have chosen to make public. I write on these issues because the NLD community needs the perspectives of people with NLD, just as writing about Asperger’s Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism focuses jointly on the views of different stakeholders, including those with these conditions.

My other big reason for documenting NLD development is that few studies describe the challenges unique to females with NLD. One doctor estimates that for every diagnosed female with NLD, there are six males (1:6 ratio). I’m still thinking about possible reasons for this discrepancy, but in the meantime, I’m busy simply living with this disorder and haven’t totally thought through this etiology yet.


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