Second Grade

Help child feel valued by using lots of positive language and encouragement. Talk with child about NLD difficulties and make active plans for what to about academic and social frustrations. Teach conflict resolution skills. If NLD is diagnosed, have separate conversations with all school staff, including guidance counselors, about NLD needs.

Realize that it will take longer for NLD child to learn to tell time and count money. Allow child to use digital clocks/watches. Make sure they know how to use an old-fashioned clock, but also tell them it’s OK to use a digital watch, and it’s not cheating. Also don’t criticize if the old-fashioned clock is too confusing. Help child understand that while he/she needs to get through the process of paper-pencil math, they should not be frustrated because NLD causes addition/subtraction, et cetera to be more confusing. Tell them as they complete these tasks, they will eventually be able to use a calculator. Again, emphasize that it’s not cheating to use one.

Use rules to teach concepts. Make sure NLD kid isn’t penalized if handwriting is very difficult. Just get through it and teach child he/she just needs to learn it for situations when no typing is available, but emphasize that it’s usually OK to type.


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