Six Months

Pre-NLD infant may have trouble sitting unsupported. He/she will likely still learn, but it will probably be harder. Will also likely struggle with hand-eye tasks, such as feeding self, and find dropped objects to be very disorienting. These infants may have an incredible degree of stranger anxiety. They will probably also have trouble standing and need an adult to support their arms, back, and/or legs as they learn this skill. Parents may want to keep lots of pillows and other soft objects in play area, and teach visual-spatial-shy infants that falling happens, but they can still learn to move around in their own way. Well-behaved dogs can be a great help modeling and helping with gross motor skills.

Teething will probably be a tough adjustment. It’s probably a good idea to provide teething products that aren’t really cold, as child will likely be very sensitive to big temperature differences.

If child is very picky, use hidden/pureed recipes and child vitamins to help him/her get nutrition, while very slowly introducing new foods. Pre-NLD infant will likely benefit from as-regular-as-possible feeding and sleeping routines. Use soothing physical contact to promote bonding, and also respect that pre-NLD infant may be “slow to warm up” because his/her environment is stressful even at its most secure.


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