Two Weeks

Obviously a big time for attachment and physical bonding. Child learns what makes him/her feel secure. At this point, most NLD babies will not be identified. That won’t happen until at least preschool, so much of the early stages are retrospective. The pre-NLD infant will be very sensitive to auditory stimuli and may enjoy low-volume music. This infant may be very still and hesitate to use basic reflexes, such as lifting his/her head.

I’d be interested to know if babies who turn out to have NLD had trouble feeding, and whether there are differences in how long babies with nonverbal issues breastfeed.

It’s possible that the pre-NLD infant will be a big sleeper, having found the outside world so overwhelming. But it’s also possible that the baby could be hyperactively trying to deal with this overwhelm, too, and use distractibility to compensate for visual-spatial confusion. In either case, inoculations will be scary, but perhaps less so when the infant is this young and doesn’t know shots hurt yet.


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