NLD and Social Learning

Though we with NLD have some “different” social communication issues (i.e., social skills are more stressful and tough for us to execute), we still wish for relationships.  I personally am reserved around people I don’t know, more relaxed around close friends, and prone to swearing around my family.

Growing up, I had an outgoing personality at home and a super-quiet one at school.  In college and beyond, those extremes became less so.  I’ve increased the issues I keep to myself, but also been able to enjoy closer friendships.  Both results happened because a wonderful person taught me the very important skill of refining my boundaries.

As a high school freshman, I didn’t know how I could make it through three more years.  I left during my sophomore year and did not return until the second semester of my senior year.  During that time I took some community college classes and suffered from serious depression.  I also developed PTSD.  I’ll describe those years in future postings.


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