NLD and “Left Brain, Right Brain”

Sometimes I take “Are you a more ‘left-brain” or ‘right-brain’-inclined thinker?” quizzes. Most results don’t go into a detailed evaluation (at least not for free, and since I rarely buy things online I’ve never paid for this), but I found a free quiz that does offered through the Art Institute of Vancover ( Some cautions I’ve found regarding left/brain v. right/brain quizzes:

-Oftentimes these quizzes are either true/false or make you pick a rating (i.e., “My desk is cluttered ___” always, often, sometimes, rarely). I argue that ratings vary greatly based on the activity, what else goes on that day, whether the task is timed, et cetera. So while the sometimes/often/rarely ratings may provide a general idea, they may be too general.

-Even though my visual and verbal perfomance IQs have huge point differences (i.e., “superior” range for verbal v. mild to moderate impairments for visual-spatial), my quiz results tend to be more evenly split.

-I like some said-to-be right-brain tasks. For instance, I love creative, unstructured activities. My favorite college assignments were essays and response papers. I enjoy simple art projects and creative writing. I also love music, both as a listener and string player. In addition, I get hunches about people and situations. I feel emotions very sensitively, perhaps overly so.

-I hope to write about scientific views of left and right brain issues in the future. This scholarship is critical to NLD and spectrum advocacy and to our building of a community that helps people with NLD in the most effective ways.


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