How does NLD relate to sensory processing?

Yesterday I looked through some sensory integration checklists and wrote down the issues that are true for me.  As always, there’s variation in how we with NLD experience our issues.  Some things that are issues for me will be non-issues for other people with NLD, and vice versa.  I also think age of diagnosis is a factor in sensory perception.

By the way, I like the term “social perception” better than “social comprehension.”  NLD causes problems in perceiving social stimuli, but we can understand what’s going on over time, and with help.  Misunderstandings sometimes happen, but we do understand a great deal about our environment.

Due to my individual sensory issues, I find even walking on a level surface somewhat disorienting.  I try to be careful on the stairs, as I easily lose my balance.  I’ve climbed ladders, but get scared doing so.  I like music at a low volume.

More about sensory processing as I read and learn more.


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2 Responses to “How does NLD relate to sensory processing?”

  1. Patrick .J Says:

    I surprisingly don’t have as many sensory issues as most NLDers do. I did realize recently, while walking down some stairs, that I had no idea what I was doing, and I can only tell when one stair stops when the color changes. Thank goodness for yellow caution lines! (sometimes). Sometimes, when standing still, I may wobble a little bit, but that’s about all, thankfully.

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