NLD and Physical Symptoms

Though I’d like to do more research, I sometimes wonder if NLD is (in part) a physical syndrome. Sometimes my visual-spatial resources get really overwhelmed and I start feeling ill. It could be due to my medicine, which causes headaches, but I also think it’s one of the ways NLD individually affects me.

My headaches are almost always on the left side of my head. I can’t help thinking the right side of brain is saying “I’m tired, stressed, and overstimulated.” It tends to happen when I study without enough breaks or am at a social event for longer than I can easily deal with.


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2 Responses to “NLD and Physical Symptoms”

  1. Patrick .J Says:

    Have you seen the experiment on Facebook that Carrie put together about the left eye/face weakness as opposed to the right eye/face? I and three two or three other people have pictures that show how the left eye is lazy (or has a defect of some sort.) I also know another girl (with NLD) who has problems seeing out of her left eye.

    Here’s the link:

  2. hannahcamille Says:

    I did see those pictures. They’re cool. I agree that the left and right eyes often look different. My face looks like it’s at an angle–my smile is always a bit lopsided. I’ve taken to looking at eyes more lately in pictures. Maybe people with NLD could get dizzy more often due to problems balancing? I wonder about this, too.

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