Do NLD signs run in families?

I think they do, but I’d like to know from other people’s experiences. Both my parents have some visual-spatial issues.  I also have several extended relatives who struggle with social communication.


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4 Responses to “Do NLD signs run in families?”

  1. terri Says:

    I think NLD traits do run in families, though I remember reading literature that clearly stated that it does not. My son has NLD and I am convinced that I probably do as well.

  2. hannahcamille Says:

    I agree with your observation. I have socially isolative relatives on both sides. I’m looking forward to researching and writing on this more. Thanks for your note.

  3. C L Booth Says:

    I suspect that the line between genetic and environmental cannot be very clearly drawn. Actually, Aspergers (my mom, possibly a cousin, my grandmother, and one of my grandmother’s brothers, and MAYBE my Great Grandfather) runs in my mom’s side of the family and Dyslexia runs on my Dad’s – I don’t know how I ended up with NLD, it amuses me a bit honestly. Comparing myself with the plethora of Aspies I seem to attract really puts the contrast between NLD and AS into focus.

    So I suppose, my Mom’s side of the family tends to have some social dysfunction, BUT my Dad’s side of the family are HYPER social. They have very close ties, among each other and the community, their non-verbal communication baffles me and really makes me feel isolated around them.

    For what that is worth.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I have lots of relatives who struggle with undiagnosed LD issues. My dad is more social than my mom. I think my mom could have AS, and the reason I have NLD is because my dad has some engagement with social issues.

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