A Different Form of Different

Because not many people know about NLD yet, it is a different type of different.  I was thinking how the word “different” is often used to describe someone’s difficulties, but it stops at that point.  It usually doesn’t look at the complex interchanges between a person’s talents and struggles.  Much less our talents.  NLD is perhaps an unusual LD because it’s specifically a problem with visual-spatial skills.  Maybe this is one reason the general public has such issues with perceiving NLD people.  It’s a totally new LD to most, and not yet a completely official diagnosis.

At the same time, I don’t explain my NLD to everyone.  I only talk about it when I have ongoing discussions with (for instance) someone I volunteer with.  If I just deal with someone once, I can’t bring myself to go into it.  I think another problem is we’re often very good at certain things, and find ways around things we’re bad at.  So sometimes teachers have been like, if this person is so bright, why do they struggle with the “easiest” things.  I like the following quote.  I’ve never known who said it, but it could have been Einstein:

“Why is it that the difficult things are the most simple, and the simple things are the most difficult?”


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