How does NLD differ from AS?

I just found a quick article that compares and contrasts NLD and AS on this site:

Basically, NLD and AS are similar in the following ways (I’m paraphrasing from the article below):
-right-hemisphere-based difficulties
-no delays in speech or cognitive development
-at least “average” IQ score
-trouble gaining social acceptance
-trouble reading some social cues
-being and feeling misunderstood

Differences between NLD and AS include the following (again, to paraphrase):
-NLDers are said to have normal emotions, but trouble expressing and reading nonverbal paralanguage, v. those with AS are said to restrict emotional responses and not display strong emotions and/or are more likely to have emotional reactions to specific topics rather than interpersonal ones
-individuals with AS tend to have highly specific/esoteric interest areas, v. those with NLD are less likely to have restricted interests
-individuals with AS sometimes have great talent for visual-spatial tasks, v. NLDers generally have great trouble with many visual-spatial skills

As the article says, “each syndrome possesses terrific attributes as well as great challenges.”


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One Response to “How does NLD differ from AS?”

  1. C L Booth Says:

    This has got to be one of the most succinct break downs of the differences and similarities of NLD and AS. I like how you were able to talk about it without dipping into any of the gory details or political stuff, something I am pretty incapable of.

    Kudos 😀

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