I have been on the gluten-free diet for the past few days, and so far I like it. I had all kinds of symptoms for many years, and finally I feel like I may have recovered from them. Whether a gluten-free diet has a positive impact on my NLD issues is still TBD. That said, I feel less anxious and a little more energetic. Some things that caused me to realize my difficulties with gluten:
-Itchy throat
-Sore throat
-Stomach havoc
-Iron malabsorption
-Constantly running nose
I am interested to hear about people’s experiences with gluten intolerance, celiac, wheat allergies, dairy allergies, dairy intolerance, et cetera. I’m interested in knowing if these symptoms are more common in the ASD sub-population? If so, do gluten- and/or dairy-free diets help? If they do help, are the benefits physical, psychological, or both?


One Response to “Gluten”

  1. Hello reg allergies Says:

    I found your blog because I’m looking to learn more on NLD. Whether denial or that my child does not exhibit many of NLD symptoms or as severe or perhaps that she has late possible diagnosis (she’s 17) I’m being very careful to make sure that this is what she has. I’m about 80% sure. You see, I’m left to diagnose her on my own. I haven’t found someone that knows the condition and the neuropsychologist that did the tests was afraid to give it a label. He kept saying that her scores were confusing. But of course her verbal was so much more advanced while her non verbal was low. I took all those scores and recalled observations as she was growing up and I put it all together. Anyway I just wanted to mention that she has severe environmental and food allergies, interesting.

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