A Rainy Morning

I am getting ready to go somewhere and do my math homework, as I don’t concentrate as well at home.  Then I will get some groceries and return home for my dog’s second walk.  Earlier we found a cat trying to escape the rain.  My dog and the cat didn’t hit it off, but even as they argued, I remembered how much easier it is for me to deal with animals (than humans).  I’ve thought of becoming a vet tech but wouldn’t want to subject the animals to my chemistry mistakes.  My math class meets tomorrow night.  The following class is our first test.  I already understand most of the material we will be tested on, which is a miracle.  Someone in the class is getting on my nerves.  I understand the person’s math anxiety, but I also don’t feel qualified to help, and am sick of the nagging.  Last time we met to do homework together, I found out the person hadn’t done the homework and has been absent a lot.  I used to be skip school myself, so I understand the cycle, but I think I will just do homework by myself from now on.  I woke up with signs of a very minor eye irritation, maybe pink eye, but just in one eye.  The lid is swollen.  I’ve been sleeping more lately.  I’m not really sick or anything.  I think NLD impacts how I experience and communicate medical symptoms and changes.  I wish more doctors and nurses were understanding of NLD features.  Then it would be easier to sort these problems out, but also if my parents were more involved in my life, but they’re not.  If I have a problem, they usually just imply that it’s too bad for me.  It got a little warmer today, which is a huge relief.  I left one of my coats at my old internship and need to stop by and get it back tomorrow–an event that’s made more complicated by NLD.  More later.


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