NLD and the struggle to reach out

Just wanted to share another anecdote about my former grad department.  A few weeks ago, I got the courage to send an email expressing interest in talking about NLD.  He never responded.  For awhile I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but now I’m a bit angry, and my therapist says the failure to respond is “pathetic.”

Always a little frustrating to put effort into something–particularly helping others–and not even have that effort recognized.  I’ll give him some benefit of the doubt–maybe he’s bad at emailing (even though he told us all to email him), maybe he forgot to write back, maybe since we never met face-to-face he’s not sure, and other reasons beyond my current imagination.  Still, I very firmly feel that faculty should take interest in students’ social and scholarly development.  I did something unnatural for me–reaching out, and it did not work.  I’m not discouraged, just disappointed.  NLD includes some disappointment, and the best thing parents, friends, et cetera can do is be helpful listeners to us as we try and sort out a visual-spatial world.  More on this later.


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