Unhelpful disability resources

My state’s vocational rehabilitation department is full of it.  It’s clear that they were founded to only address very limited attributes of disabilities–namely physical mobility ones, and not the other problems that people get discriminated for having.  I get treated differently due to NLD more often than I care to realize, yet there’s very little understanding of the challenges NLD creates in my life.  I just met with a state vocational counselor who was completely uninsightful.  It outrages me that the state funds this incompetent work, that someone with a high school education could do.  The agency’s location took me an hour and fifteen minutes to reach on two buses.  The counselor had no sympathetic words for my transportation struggles and didn’t even talk about this issue with me, even though it is a functional limitation and special need.  I was asked if I have trouble dressing or need help from a personal attendant.  I felt like saying if this was the case, would I be here by myself, but was trying to be civil.  I was told that our state’s vocational rehab waiting list has about 5,000 people on it.  I’m not sure why the appointment couldn’t have been done on the phone.  I’m back to the drawing board with my job search.  I’ll have to see what my therapist says about whether or not we should continue to work with the rehab program.


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