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Holidays and NLD

November 24, 2009

I find the holidays very stressful, as I’d rather be home alone or just with my own family. Unfortunately we have late nights at relatives’ homes. I’m allergic to dusty indoor spaces, can’t stay up too late, and find conversation excruciating. I also feel lonesome for friends I don’t see often, and wish there were more relatives I looked forward to visiting, but I dread most of the visits. I also like to talk myself through things to calm myself, and can’t do this around people. I love alone time, but holidays are supposed to jam people together, and it feels like standing in a crowd for several days. It’s something I experience as overstimulating.


NLD is a neurological condition

November 24, 2009

I was reading this blog and saw some general resemblances to the NLD symptoms that I often struggle with. Mine are different than this blogger’s (, who appears to have another medical condition related to seizures, but I still feel some of these things:
-Balance difficulties, esp. in the morning
-Visual aphasia
-Dispraxia and choppy language
-Frozen face
And more difficulties I’ll get to later.

NLD and Ear Plugs

November 18, 2009

I just got a pair of ear plugs, shaped like EarPlanes. I love how they reduce noise by 27 decibels, as I find the world easier to take in when I’m not overwhelmed by noise. I also hope to protect my hearing long-term, as I would be even more confused/lost without good hearing.

Food Issues Solved, for me

November 11, 2009

I went to see an allergist (finally–my dad is very allergic to most things) earlier this week. I am not allergic to common food allergens, but it’s very likely, and I’d say almost certain from my symptoms, that I have lactose intolerance. This is almost a relief, and I am near lots of stores that carry lactose-free products. The thought of taking a milk test makes me feel sick, as I’ve had this condition, but not fully known, for many years. I have no idea if people with spectrum issues are more likely to have digestive complications, but it strikes me as a possibility. I was diagnosed with outdoor and indoor allergies during a very itchy skin test. I had to restrain myself from scratching. I have a low tolerance for pain. I bought new pillows and encasings to cope with the dust allergies and am now taking small doses of zyrtec. I’m going to try generic soon because it’s much cheaper. I explained to the doctor that I have NLD, and it seemed to go well. I said it causes me to look nervous and have some difficulty with communication. Disclosure is a big step, but worth it.