Food Issues Solved, for me

I went to see an allergist (finally–my dad is very allergic to most things) earlier this week. I am not allergic to common food allergens, but it’s very likely, and I’d say almost certain from my symptoms, that I have lactose intolerance. This is almost a relief, and I am near lots of stores that carry lactose-free products. The thought of taking a milk test makes me feel sick, as I’ve had this condition, but not fully known, for many years. I have no idea if people with spectrum issues are more likely to have digestive complications, but it strikes me as a possibility. I was diagnosed with outdoor and indoor allergies during a very itchy skin test. I had to restrain myself from scratching. I have a low tolerance for pain. I bought new pillows and encasings to cope with the dust allergies and am now taking small doses of zyrtec. I’m going to try generic soon because it’s much cheaper. I explained to the doctor that I have NLD, and it seemed to go well. I said it causes me to look nervous and have some difficulty with communication. Disclosure is a big step, but worth it.


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