Holidays and NLD

I find the holidays very stressful, as I’d rather be home alone or just with my own family. Unfortunately we have late nights at relatives’ homes. I’m allergic to dusty indoor spaces, can’t stay up too late, and find conversation excruciating. I also feel lonesome for friends I don’t see often, and wish there were more relatives I looked forward to visiting, but I dread most of the visits. I also like to talk myself through things to calm myself, and can’t do this around people. I love alone time, but holidays are supposed to jam people together, and it feels like standing in a crowd for several days. It’s something I experience as overstimulating.


3 Responses to “Holidays and NLD”

  1. Laura Says:

    Thank you for posting!!!! My 10 year old son has NLD. We just arrived home after being away for 11 hours visiting relatives. My son had fun…he laughed a lot, but 30 minutes after we got home he kept telling me he was sad. I told him he was most likely sad because he had been overstimulated…and that it was his NLD brain causing him to want to be sad and go crazy. I said,”Lets get on the internet and search “NLD and holidays”. Your comments popped up first on Google. In your comments you described exactly how he felt. You really helped him feel like other people understood the way he feels. You really helped explain what his 10 year old mind was trying to communicate to me…so…thank you again.

  2. Laura Says:

    I just read some more of your blogs and I wish you would write a book!

    I am a mother of a 10 year old that just got diagnosed when he was 8. It is wonderful to get insight from you. You are brilliant and very articulate. You explain NLD so well. I will definitely be reading your musings.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I would love to write a book. My therapist and I are talking about doing one together. It’s one of my dreams. I need to find a good publisher and block out the time to write. I am so thankful that you found this blog, and commend you for finding resources to help your son.

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