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What is Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

December 12, 2009

I had to write this because so few people have heard of NLD. After all, it isn’t really in the DSM book, and some people want to put every spectrum disorder together and call them all the same thing. I argue that a more accurate description of NLD is that it falls between AS and ADHD. I don’t particularly like quickly defining NLD, but what I usually say is it’s a specific learning disability that causes a person to have trouble with visual-spatial issues. I often experience it as more of a neurological condition than anything else, as one side of my brain isn’t caught up with the other side. Some of my first entries on this blog provide further definitions.


Being Socially Unsure

December 11, 2009

In short, NLD causes me to become steeped in social possibilities. Of the many choices, I tend to choose none, save for observing, and/or the least extreme reaction.

This often means I’ll ask a one-syllable, grade-school kid’s question, often “why.” Sometimes I’ll ask someone “really,” because I so dislike the sound of my voice. I talk in broken phrases with lots of pauses.

I don’t speak in comfortable sentences unless I know someone else knows, or I have reasonable confidence that he or she knows I’m smart.

And so I experience NLD as social uncertainty more than social awkwardness. That said, awkwardness is sometimes a big variable. Yet it’s more like I’m just unsure.

I’m very intrigued lately by Daniel Lightwing and can’t wait to learn more about his comments on having AS. I saw him in an interview, and his mannerisms remind me greatly of myself. Except he’s a math prodigy and I’m definitely not.

I have a final, a very hard math final, in just a few days. I have trouble studying, plus it’s so cold here, but I try to do some studying each day. I could be online all day so easily–it’s my free vacation, and free social outlet, but if I did that I wouldn’t get anything done.

I can’t wait to respond to the comments readers have posted. I really enjoy hearing from you.

NLD and Goosebumps

December 2, 2009

Sometimes a visual image is too heavy for me, like bedsores and other skin diseases. I think NLD has something to do with the goosebumps I get when I see something I think is gross. Also, things that move around really fast are overwhelming. I used to have rodents for pets, but now I can’t look carefully at most of the rodents in a pet store or humane society, especially guinea pigs. I can’t even look at a guinea pig’s picture without freaking out. I used to have two for pets, but I slowly became almost-phobic as I got older. I hope that parents and other adults who help those with NLD won’t make fun of the anxiety that we with NLD sometimes have. The sources will vary, but it’s best to accept them. Some will be grown out of, and others will develop.