Being Socially Unsure

In short, NLD causes me to become steeped in social possibilities. Of the many choices, I tend to choose none, save for observing, and/or the least extreme reaction.

This often means I’ll ask a one-syllable, grade-school kid’s question, often “why.” Sometimes I’ll ask someone “really,” because I so dislike the sound of my voice. I talk in broken phrases with lots of pauses.

I don’t speak in comfortable sentences unless I know someone else knows, or I have reasonable confidence that he or she knows I’m smart.

And so I experience NLD as social uncertainty more than social awkwardness. That said, awkwardness is sometimes a big variable. Yet it’s more like I’m just unsure.

I’m very intrigued lately by Daniel Lightwing and can’t wait to learn more about his comments on having AS. I saw him in an interview, and his mannerisms remind me greatly of myself. Except he’s a math prodigy and I’m definitely not.

I have a final, a very hard math final, in just a few days. I have trouble studying, plus it’s so cold here, but I try to do some studying each day. I could be online all day so easily–it’s my free vacation, and free social outlet, but if I did that I wouldn’t get anything done.

I can’t wait to respond to the comments readers have posted. I really enjoy hearing from you.


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