I Miss My Cat

Losing a pet is a special hardship when you have NLD, or a similar disorder. I experience my relationships with my pets as being similar to those with humans, and even closer. I recently found a website about a girl with AS who has a therapy dog:

I used to have a wonderful cat who I loved like a child. I skipped vacations out of concern for the cat. I paid the cat’s vet bills even though I was unemployed. She was a family pet, but became my full responsibility when my parents moved cross-country, leaving me to be a house-sitter.

Then the cat became ill with an autoimmune disorder. My brother was home at the time. A family fight ensued. We begged my parents to come back and help, but they refused. All the bills fell on me, even though I was unemployed. The cat had to be put to sleep. An extended relative promised to reimburse me, but never did. Meanwhile, my parents criticized the decisions that were made about the cat’s care from afar. I say a) they should have come back if they were so upset, and b) it should have been a shared cost, given that this was a family pet. Fast-forward to now, when I have a hyperactive young adult dog, also technically a family pet. The love is the same, and my work search continues. I know I will get paid sooner or later, but I still worry. I don’t know if it’s NLD or not, but I have an incompatible relationship with one of my parents.


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