NLD and Getting Fired

A couple years ago, I got fired from a temporary job. In my state, an employer needs no reason to end a temporary position. So it wasn’t a wrongful termination . . . but, I was treated adversely as a direct result of my disclosed NLD issues.

I had told my ex-boss in person and in writing about my NLD issues several times.

I had a difficult boss. A negative coworker, who hated our boss, befriended me. Our boss never expressed concern about the office negativity. Being just out of college with NLD, I didn’t know before it was too late. I–and not the coworker–was terminated.

I’ve run into this ex-boss since, and we have re-established a kind of awkward civility. He has never apologized, and I continue to feel angry for how this was handled.

He harassed me about the LD issues (i.e., “you don’t talk to me . . . therefore we’re terminating”) without prior warning or trying to work on things, and left me to the hell of endless interviews.

Employers need to better understand that NLD can be positively dealt with, and have “Workplace Positive” programs. We with NLD are susceptible to peer pressure and manipulative behavior. Parents and other adults can be a big help with monitoring this. I wish my parents had helped me.


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