NLD and Volunteer Work

Today I’m catching up on my blog before I turn to my daily life. I need to vent and get some of this stress out before I go to my volunteer workplace and then my night class. I am a project/research assistant and writer/editor, and part-time student.

I had to change my expectations–I thought I’d get another full-time job, but 40 interviews later, finally realized (and I hope truly that this helps someone else) I needed to change my strategies.

I pitch projects now, and start by volunteering sometimes. I still apply for regular jobs, but I know our economy is so horrible that freelance work is often more realistic. It’s also hard being a volunteer for much of it. I feel resentful, but will be happy once I get home. I am overwhelmed as well, getting ready to take the bus, and trying to eat before. I have such a weird diet that my favorite thing is to cook at home.


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