Struggles within the family . . .

I don’t get along with one of my relatives. A family authority figure picks fights, treats me in a condescending way, and is disrespectful of my special needs.

One thing that makes me particularly angry is he promised there would be money available for my future education. What he didn’t think about, I guess, was the living expenses or the current tuition rates.

Shortly after my college graduation (I had high grades), I was accepted to a graduate program at a top-tier university.

This relative couldn’t have been more non-supportive, and wouldn’t even express pride at this achievement. He then said the only way I could go would be with my own money, but also refused to co-sign loans. So I wasted time applying to a program I could never attend. Did I mention that my family visited the campus?

I am sorry to express all this resentment.

I guess life with NLD is like the different conflicts we learn about in reading class in grade school–depending on what happens when: -person v. self; -person v. person; person v. family; person v. society; society v. person, et cetera.

Much family literature says to cut yourself off from the difficult people, but what if your disability places limits on your earning potential and/or you can’t find work right away? I get scared when people talk out of one side of their mouths, because we with NLD are more gullible sometimes, and aren’t going to see all the social cues, despite being intelligent.


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