Amy Bishop and AS/NLD Issues

I obsess sometimes, and put together facts in strange ways.  At the risk of AS or NLD stereotyping, here are a few reasons I’m willing to bet Amy Bishop almost surely suffers from either AS, NLD, or maybe both (again, not an excuse of any type, but part of an explanation).

1) Seeming trouble with good posture; abnormal gait

2) Imprecise facial expressions–looks into the distance

3) Creative writing hobby–working out past difficulties through writing as opposed to speaking.

4) Strong interest in virtual life and video games (important note: not everyone with AS or NLD likes computer games–I guess it’s individual–I have never gotten into them myself).

5) She is said to be quiet much of the time, with outbursts at inappropriate times.

6) Her face looks really still in pictures.

Of course, I don’t know.  I’m not a psychologist or doctor.  I feel like a voyuer for getting into this story so much, but I also believe that early treatment prevents violence.  Who knows if certain tragedies could really be prevented, but it’s worth trying.


2 Responses to “Amy Bishop and AS/NLD Issues”

  1. pia Says:

    Amy Bishop might suffer from Aspergers but not NLD. People with NLD tend to turn anger inward and would rather kill themselves than somebody else–that’s a generalization but…Plus people with NLD don’t usually have the spatial relations necessary to kill the person they’re aiming for.

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