NLD, Choking, Swallowing, and Hiccups

I seem to choke, have trouble swallowing, and get hiccups more than most people. Sometimes I wonder if these symptoms are part of the NLD’s physiological side-effects.

When I get the hiccups, they last for 15-20 minutes sometimes. The classic remedies don’t always help, and often they are bad hiccups. Another cause could be allergies, but I’m trying to be better about taking OTC allergy medicines.

I recently read that swallowing is a very complex bodily process. I was glad to learn that it’s deceptively simple, having had recurring trouble with food getting stuck in my throat, and a constant battle to stay hydrated. Sometimes water hurts my stomach, even when I really need it. I’m pretty sure choking can be tied to NLD. I get confused about all that must be done coordination-wise at meals.


2 Responses to “NLD, Choking, Swallowing, and Hiccups”

  1. kris Says:

    hi! my 10 year old daughter has nvld and gets hiccups at least once a day also- she also has trouble coordinating talking and eating- too funny!
    i have a blog about life with her
    thanks so much for your helpful insights!

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Thanks for writing. I’m glad I’m not alone in getting the hiccups often. What’s your blog link?

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