On Not Having a Flu Shot

I have always chosen not to get flu shots, or the swine flu shot. My stomach is already sensitive. I figure my immune system is very strong and I’m healthy. I got the flu in January, but got well within the next several days. I’m not against all vaccines, but sometimes I think there’s an unhealthy push by the pharmaceutical industry to over-vaccinate. This year some people pressured me to get flu or swine flu shots, but I just said no politely. I didn’t want to worry about potential neurotoxins doing things to my system. As a person with both NLD and a medical condition, my nervous system is already too complicated. It disturbs me that there was never a “bottom line” on the flu shot debate. Now the hype seems to have fallen away, but the concern about vaccines is still important and will not wane.


3 Responses to “On Not Having a Flu Shot”

  1. Patty Inglish, MS Says:

    My father was allergic to chicken and I have a similar problem if consuming chicken and eggs in the same day; so, flu vaccine may be incubated in eggs and I skip it. I have never had the flu though.

    Thanks for your informative blog. I’m linking to you from HubPages.

  2. Carrie Says:

    You may also, want to consider that, maybe, vaccines aren’t as harmful as many lead you to think.

    The more I learn about how the body, all the systems, and our neurology works… the less many of these “anti-vaccine’ers” are able to convince me they have a valid argument… I am not saying you are wrong or that they are right… only that it is wise to remain skeptical of ALL parties, and to know you HAVE to trust someone… there are repercussions either way.

    “to justify extraordinary claims one must provide extraordinary evidence.” James Randy

    • hannahcamille Says:

      You’re right–being skeptical of all parties is very important. That’s the thing–I didn’t feel like either side made that great of an argument. And now it’s funky to see how the issue seems to have faded, at least in the mainstream. I don’t hear people discussing it nearly as much right now, if at all. But maybe that’s just me.

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