Dreading Family Gatherings

My whole family is like 90% socially awkward. I dread family get-togethers. I don’t usually feel included in the conversations, and the activities are almost never things I enjoy. If I am included in the conversations, I am put on the spot. Summer’s coming up, and this means some relatives will travel here. I’m not really that pleased about the schedule-cluttering. My summer is busy enough between volunteer work, internships (both working at home on projects and needing to get places for shorter-term projects, as well) and summer school. All too soon, I will be a grad student, and in the work-study program. Family events are hard because I don’t get to leave when I want to. I have to wait for someone to drive me. I’m also on medicine that makes me tired, so I don’t like being out too late. Nor will I have time to travel and visit relatives. My dog is my first priority.


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