For as long as I can remember–ever since my first health lesson in school–I have lived off health information. I love medical terms, the features of conditions, symptoms, and precautions. If I didn’t have such trouble in math and math-based science, I would have gone into something medical. Unfortunately me and chemistry didn’t hit it off. But I can’t get enough health-related reading. And I go through obsessions. I once read, in Marcia Rubenstein’s “NLD Superstars” (this is a short title; the real title is longer) that many kids with NLD are very into health-monitoring. When I mentioned to my therapist that I’m sort of obsessed with health, she nodded, I think in agreement. I think reading about health distracts me from depressing subjects (like long-term unemployment despite many talents). It also gives me a sense of control over my medical issues, which helps me to deal with having NLD plus a chronic, well-treated condition. I’m sure I’ll return to the health topic many times. It’s fun.


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