NLD and Conflict

NLD makes conflicts, as one would expect, way more complicated. Conflicts are tough enough, I imagine, without NLD.

Here are some ways NLD makes conflicts, at least the ones I’ve been in, harder:
-I misread many facial expressions, as well as body language.
-I always think of the best comments and points after I’ve talked to someone.
-I have trouble rearranging things in my head.
-I’m sensitive to criticism.
-I don’t trust myself to respond to people’s comments.
-I have very few people who I know will absolutely come to my aide when I feel the challenges of a conflict.
-Growing up, I had no guidance from my parents, particularly on emotional issues.

And so I get very confused many times.


One Response to “NLD and Conflict”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Wish I could give you a HUGE hug! I’m a mom and sometimes I give our daughter (s) spontaneous hugs. Now, the one with NLD often does not like this. I do understsnd but want to comfort her. How would you want to be comforted? She has always liked back rubs which I started giving her every bedtime since she was small. But I don’t know how to give her reasurrance in moments of crisis. Any ideas? Anyway, I think you are an astonishing and very gifted individual. You should get PAID for all the support you are giving! Hugs, Sarah

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