NLD and Social Misinterpretation

Back when I was in college, a female friend asked me to join her on a weekend road trip.  We drove a few hours away to see her family.  The family assumed, and she didn’t object to this, that me and this young woman were in a relationship.  Through the whole weekend, I started noticing that the family was acting weird around us, and then the friend explained why, and started laughing.  I did not find this funny, as I only thought of her as a friend.  She was more and more scary–very clingy, and when the weekend was finally over, I didn’t talk to her again.

Which is kind of funny, because now the man I was interested in ignores me.

My point is that had I not had NLD, I’m sure I would have seen that this friend was “interested” sooner.  The problem is, I can’t tell.  I can’t figure out if someone likes me or doesn’t.  It’s a subtle process, plus I was very lonely growing up, so my sense of social situations is seriously distorted.  I have much to figure out still.


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