“Are you OK?” “Yes, thanks.” “Are you sure?”

People I don’t know ask me this question all the time. I assure them I am in fact OK, but they don’t believe me, and then they look at me funny. I wish there was something I could do to get the focus off my NLD symptoms and on my abilities instead.  Or less on NLD and more on my abilities.


8 Responses to ““Are you OK?” “Yes, thanks.” “Are you sure?””

  1. careerping Says:

    This is exactly one of the reasons that I have never liked using labels with clients, students, and patients. I find that some individuals cannot – or prefer not to – communicate with another person unless that person is labelled negatively somehow. Once they label another person as an “alcoholic” or an “obsessive compulsive” or a “slacker” or a “goth” or a “Bible thumper”, then they can deal with the other person. I think it is patently poor maturity and poor manners.

  2. Patrick .J Says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this, and this one caught my eye. I am often asked this question, but not only by people I don’t know, but by family as well. Usually family members have a reason to ask it; that is, they know something’s on my mind. I have been told point-blank before that I look “sad,” or I “don’t look happy,” and it’s difficult to reassure them that I am not sad, but just tired or something. I think it’s a blank or pensive expression that makes them ask.

    On the other hand, I find it somewhat comforting when other people ask me, because I know they’re concerned, or at least enough to ask me.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I’m really glad to know I’m not the only person who has this experience. Glad you wrote and talked about it. It can be comforting, as you say, when someone asks this question. And yet, like you say, it’s difficult when someone keeps asking. And yet at the same time, maybe our tendency to look blank, or pensive, or nervous, or whatever, makes us more real in some way. What do you think?

  3. calamity Says:

    Sorry this reply is somewhat late, but I’ve just stumbled across your blog and find it very compelling.

    I get this “Are you alright?” and then the inevitable “are you sure?” all. the. time! I always want to ask, “Why? What was I doing that made you ask that?”

    At first I thought it was my faraway expression, but now I think that that’s just part of it. When I corrected my posture (hard to do, but worth it!) by dropping my shoulders, relaxing, and holding my head up, I rarely get the “Are you alright?”

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Thanks for your note–interesting that fewer are asking the dreaded “Are you OK?” question. I also don’t get it as often now that I’ve worked harder to relax, but it still happens often enough that I’m constantly creating new ways to deal with it.

  4. Elizabeth M Says:

    As an 18 year old girl with slight NLD, I have also been asked this many times! Most of the time, I’ve been deep into my own thoughts, or something. I will certainly try the posture thing to see if it helps! I have to say, NLD is not also fun to contend with. This first month at college has been extremely difficult. I’m glad I found this blog! Hopefully this will help a little!

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Glad you found this blog. I have that same experience, or other times people look at me funny. It’s a hard set of issues to deal with. I’d be glad to hear from you if you want to write back and forth.
      Take care,

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