Speech and Communication

As a kid, I grew really quiet. I don’t know when, but I developed halting speech. I struggle with speech prosody and fluency now. My family doesn’t think I need speech therapy, and refuses to financially support most of my treatment. Thus I will soon contact two university speech and language clinics. I noticed they offer help to adults who have had strokes, and some of their work focuses on fluency. I have suffered from broken speech for ages. People have asked me if I have an accent. Once I start pausing, I can’t stop. Phrases hang without connectors. It’s very hard. I’m curious to know if other people with NLD (and related conditions) struggle with speech issues. I wasn’t diagnosed until late (17), so there’s a ton I’m still learning, often the hard way.


5 Responses to “Speech and Communication”

  1. Patty Says:

    Could be neurological and treatable – Speaking, listening, and answering are very important to info input and output processing development in children’s CND/brain. Prolinged silence does not help and can interfere with it, so therapy is important.

    Some children are not permitted to speak at home at all, and they develop teh same problems.

    Be well.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I was happy to find out I’m near two university speech clinics. One has an Adult Fluency program.

      I was definitely limited in how much my family and school allowed me to speak as a kid.

      Thanks for the observations. They’re useful and important.

  2. freemeri Says:

    My daughter has the same issues. She is 11. She just had tubes put in her ears for the 5th time. Her speech is coming along from lots of therapy but details are not her thing. She has intense anxiety as well. Most of the time, people just finish her sentences for her cos they take too long and/or what she is saying is not interesting. Breaks my heart.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Oh my goodness. That’s really hard. Anxiety is a very tough thing to deal with. And speech improvements take so much time. I’m doing that now. It’s so hard to remember all the things they want me to work on. Maybe assertiveness training could benefit your daughter. And making sure she has breaks in her day so it’s not overkill. Maybe you do that already. Thanks for writing and let me know if I can help again,

  3. Tiffani Says:

    I was recently diagnosed with NLD back in August. They say that NLD people are very verbal but my VR counselor says I communicate through writing better than through speech. I’m very quiet and when I try to speak, my words come out scrambled and I pause so that I can think of what to say next. I’m also soft-spoken and often told to “Slow down” and “Speak up.”
    So, I understand the issues with speech very well.

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