Being my age–late 20s–is like standing on a cliff. It’s hard planning things out, not knowing exactly how NLD is going to hit. I never imagined, for instance, that my search for paid work would last more than two years. Or that I would need a 100% introvert-friendly profession. These things are both true, and I continue to struggle onward. I’m up for a very busy summer. It’s one of the busiest times of year.


One Response to “Twenty-something”

  1. Becky Says:

    Hi….I have a question for you: my daughter, who is now 14, was diagnosed awhile back with NLD. It is to the point now where I am going to pull her out of school and homeschool her. She is also extremely noise sensitive, on top of the anxiety that comes with her NLD. (we are also receiving counseling.) In your personal opinion, do you think homeschooling would have helped you? I haven’t read back in your posts but came across your blog searching for NLD and learning environments. I am very interested to know what you think.

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