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Speech Therapy

October 16, 2010

Hi All,

Sorry this post is so far from my last one.  I’m in over my head with stuff I’m having to get done, and also breaks I need to take.  I get overloaded more easily than my peers without an LD.

I began speech therapy a few weeks ago.  It takes up a lot of my time.  It’s very hard work–all the stuff they want me to remember, plus remembering to do it.  I’m retraining my voice and muscles, and breathing.  I have a speech fluency and prosody problem that’s moderate.

Also, participating in class is really hard.  It feels like swimming in cold water.

In speech therapy, they do not know my inner self very well.  Seeing myself on a video was heart-breaking.  I’m so much more expressive, organized, and relaxed on the inside.  Which is why online and written communications feel so much more natural than speaking.

I’m so happy for the comments on this blog.  I’ll be checking back soon and replying to them.