NLD and Abuse, Neglect or Mistreatment

I’ve been wondering if NLD and/or AS makes us more likely to be abused, neglected, mistreated, or victimized.  I think so.  We’re probably more likely to get abused by others, or perhaps to self-injure.  This is a sickening topic.  I need to find ways of getting stronger from the bad times in my past.  Sometimes “NLD moments” from the past creep up on me and pollute my thoughts.  I wasn’t really a self-injurer, but I had people taking advantage of me as a teen.  I’ve had more trouble in relationships from that history.  I say all this because I think kids with NLD need greater protection.  Parents, teachers, and other adults need to help kids read the social cues and help them get out of bad situations.  I’m still working on that part as a young adult.


One Response to “NLD and Abuse, Neglect or Mistreatment”

  1. LMarie25 Says:

    Yes, I agree with that the room for exploitation and manipulation by others is always there with NLD since, reading social cues is hard for us. I agree it is a very troublesome topic. I try to overcome this personally by using my gut intuitive reactions to situations. I ask myself how do I feel about this person? I have had some crappy situations pop up in my life too so, I can definitely relate to your post. Yes, parents and other support people need to be our eyes and ears when we are dealing with manipulation and exploitation that’s how I think we overcome it. I liked your phrase sometimes NLD moments pollute my thoughts I have felt this way too on and off. I think in times like this as hard as it is it is important to remember our talents and that we are great people for overcoming so much in our lifetime and that we have the power to not consent to mistreatment and demand respect.

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