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The New Week

January 24, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Here I am thinking about how much harder it is for people with NLD to find and stay in jobs. I’ve been getting organized for job searching–I keep having to look for new things because I have yet to be offered a permanent position. Now I’m needing to get ready for a temporary job tomorrow. I’ve been there many times, but since I’m not there every day, I feel dread before I get there. I have social anxiety. It bugs me like acid reflux. I worry when I approach people. I worry before going to events. Sometimes I get headaches and nausea from the anxiety. I tried some social anxiety chatrooms, but they required plugins, so now I’m logged into Facebook so I can do some venting. Thank goodness for the NLD and AS networks there!


Happy MLK Day

January 17, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Today we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who inspired me all those years ago in elementary school with the quote about judging people by the “content of their character.”  I only wish the civil rights movement had extended more into recognizing the abilities of people impacted by “disability.”  And the fact that we get treated differently because we have different learning styles.  I wish there was a disability civil rights movement.  Until there is one, keep advocating for yourself and your loved ones.  Explain that NLD is just a different way of learning.  It doesn’t mean we’re slow, or unable to do things.  Keep acquiring knowledge and getting educations, volunteering, and working to be employed.  We can do anything and everything we strive for.

Sometimes I feel like telling nosy people, this is just how I was created.  Like anyone else, I was meant to have a combination of talents and shortcomings.  I have wonderful qualities and flaws.  Despite abuse and mistreatment, I survived, and not just that, I got better, and I’m now doing quite well.

I am so fortunate to be alive, to have a peaceful existence, to bring compassion to myself and others.  We don’t have justice, as many quotes have said, until everyone has equal rights, protection, and treatment.  Too often those with “disabilities” are viewed as less important.  This is has to stop now.  So everyone, be proud of who you are.  Keep living your life despite NLD!

Happy 2011

January 9, 2011

Hi Everyone,
I am so thankful you read this blog and tell me your thoughts on it. We’re finally getting information on what it’s like to have NLD–and ideas for how to deal with it–out there. And thank goodness.

It’s time for the world to see this learning disability as part of the human condition. Our difficulties are simply more visible in our learning differences. We have significant struggles, but we’re also acutely sensitive to feelings, and we can do very important things for society.

Soon I’m off to a social gathering. Being someone with NLD, I have mixed feelings. I want to be included, but am not sure I’ll have the energy, and I know I’m going to run into speech issues, like speed bumps, as I try to participate in discussions. Again, my profound thanks for your reading of my blog and your correspondence! I’ll write back if you comment. Thanks! 🙂