Happy MLK Day

Hi Everyone,

Today we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who inspired me all those years ago in elementary school with the quote about judging people by the “content of their character.”  I only wish the civil rights movement had extended more into recognizing the abilities of people impacted by “disability.”  And the fact that we get treated differently because we have different learning styles.  I wish there was a disability civil rights movement.  Until there is one, keep advocating for yourself and your loved ones.  Explain that NLD is just a different way of learning.  It doesn’t mean we’re slow, or unable to do things.  Keep acquiring knowledge and getting educations, volunteering, and working to be employed.  We can do anything and everything we strive for.

Sometimes I feel like telling nosy people, this is just how I was created.  Like anyone else, I was meant to have a combination of talents and shortcomings.  I have wonderful qualities and flaws.  Despite abuse and mistreatment, I survived, and not just that, I got better, and I’m now doing quite well.

I am so fortunate to be alive, to have a peaceful existence, to bring compassion to myself and others.  We don’t have justice, as many quotes have said, until everyone has equal rights, protection, and treatment.  Too often those with “disabilities” are viewed as less important.  This is has to stop now.  So everyone, be proud of who you are.  Keep living your life despite NLD!


3 Responses to “Happy MLK Day”

  1. Tammy Allen Says:

    Dear Hannah,

  2. Tammy Allen Says:

    Dear Hannah,
    Your comments are completely, profoundly acuurate. I have a seven year old daughter just diagnosed with NLD. I am still learning hoe to care for her. After reading your blog today, it is my goal that someday she will write as eliquenltyl and versed as you. My favoraite part, is when you can say you have a peaceful existence. You are truly and an inspiration, and I love you just hte way you are. Beutiful, peaceful , inspiting you!!
    Love Kinley’s Mom from Texas

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I am so happy to read your note. I hope you’ll write again. Your nine-year-old is fortunate to have a mom reading about her condition. May this blog keep being a helpful resource. Thanks again.

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